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IBF Contributions

Through your contributions, the International BodyTalk Foundation (IBF) is able to fulfill its mission.

Two Branches

With the assistance of BodyTalk Access Trainers and dedicated BodyTalk practitioners around the globe, the IBF helps to organize and support Access Outreach Programs. These programs are oriented towards bringing the Access techniques to villages, communities, schools, and war-torn areas throughout Africa, India, the Philippines and other developing countries, as well as to communities in need in North America and other developed nations. We have Access Trainers, teams of "Outreachers" and community healthcare providers all over the world helping us to design these programs which provide training and manuals to the local people. We also solicit help and cooperation from local government agencies wherever possible.

Simultaneously, along with our Outreach efforts, we are engaged in lining up third-party Scientific Research Studies that will document the effectiveness of the BodyTalk System. We envision these studies lending increased credibility to BodyTalk among the scientific and medical communities. Our clinical results, experienced by thousands of practitioners and their clients, have shown over and over how well BodyTalk works. But in the professional medical environment, there is no substitute for scientifically documented studies to gain acceptance into mainstream medical practice.

Contribute to our Vision

Your generous contribution can bring these programs to life. Choose one of the three gifting choices below to help the IBF move forward: