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Help Us in Developing Our Programs

As the IBF ramps up in preparation to fund its Research studies and Access Outreach Programs, we are interested in hearing from you if you have resources or project ideas that you think we ought to pursue.

Research Studies.

If you have expertise, or know someone who does who may want to help, in designing or running scientific medical research studies for BodyTalk, we would like to hear from you. We have some good ideas for appropriate studies, but we need third-party experienced designers and managers to put those ideas into action.

Because a BodyTalk Practitioner needs to be able to apply their focus and intent in a BodyTalk session, it is not plausible to develop double-blind studies, in which neither the patient nor the practitioner knows whether they are using a placebo or not. However, well-designed single-blind studies will be able to clearly demonstrate the effects of a series of BodyTalk sessions on a group of patients.

We are excited about the possibility of documenting the terrific results our practitioners achieve on a regular basis. To share your ideas or information, please contact the IBF Treasurer, at Thank you very much for your participation in the IBF’s mission.

Access Outreach.

Similarly, if you have a program in mind for a BodyTalk Access Outreach project, please let us know. We are especially interested in tapping into already existing community outreach networks who may be open to incorporating BodyTalk Access into their offerings to the community they serve.

We want to be able to set up enough BodyTalk Access Technicians in a given community to make the Access routine available to everyone. Ideally, our goal is to educate someone in each community to the level of Access Trainer, so that the Access program will continue to grow there. We know that the overall health and wellbeing in the community will benefit from such a program.