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What is BodyTalk Access?

Although the BodyTalk System is spreading at a rapid rate in many countries throughout the world, access to Certified BodyTalk Practitioners and regular BodyTalk sessions is, unfortunately, not always available. Fortunately, people living in these areas, whether rural or urban, can still have access to some of the benefits of BodyTalk through the BodyTalk Access program.

There are 5 general, basic BodyTalk techniques that can be combined into a daily regimen which, when applied, have a significant impact on a person’s health status. These 5 techniques make up the BodyTalk Access program.

By engaging in the BodyTalk Access program routinely, it is possible to balance the bodymind in an overall sense. This will result in a reduction of symptoms and lead to a general level of health that can be maintained through the preventive capabilities of the techniques. Two of the Access techniques can also be applied as Fast Aid in specific situations when a person is experiencing an immediate health crisis.

BodyTalk Access can be learned by virtually anyone. The techniques are empowering. BodyTalk Access has the potential of reaching everyone: parents can do the Access techniques daily on their children, coaches can include the Access techniques in pre-game warm-ups, nurses can tap out patients in their care, firefighters can supplement their Fast Aid Protocol with these energetic techniques, or lay people trained as BodyTalk Access Technicians can provide these techniques in parts of the country where access to medical facilities is limited or non-existent. The possibilities are endless!

In effect, BodyTalk Access gives access to:

  • the convenience and effectiveness of the BodyTalk System in a compact form
  • some BodyTalk techniques in countries or communities where the BodyTalk System has not yet penetrated and/or where medical aid is scarce
  • a set of energy therapy tools that can be safely brought into the classroom, the office, the clinic, the hospital ward, the sports locker room, the community hall, place of worship – almost anywhere
  • improved health on an individual and community basis
  • a form of self-help that is simple to learn and do
  • a BodyTalk fast aid protocol to help in accidents or emergency situations

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