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Access Outreach

Help us fund Outreach Programs that will benefit people in various areas of the world who have limited or no access to healthcare of any kind. BodyTalk Access enables families and communities to take care of their own health maintenance and many of their own basic healthcare needs. What this means for areas where individual and governmental healthcare funds are limited, is that BodyTalk Access affords governments the possibility of saving their limited funds for critical, emergency and life-threatening situations.

Your contribution will help pay for the BodyTalk Access Trainers and "Outreachers" to travel to remote locations and for supplies of the Access manuals, as needed. Your contributions will also fund follow-up trainings, wherever possible. These follow-up trainings are designed to ensure that the community is proficient in the use of BodyTalk Access and that community members are committed to using BodyTalk Access as a daily healthcare resource.

I would like to contribute to the IBF Access Outreach Fund with the understanding that this work is designed to make high-quality basic healthcare accessible to people everywhere, regardless of personal economics.


Note that 20% of your donation will be designated toward the IBF General Fund to cover administrative expenses. As the IBF grows, it is our intention to lower this administrative percentage.