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A Message from IBF’s President

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the International BodyTalk Foundation web site. The IBF is a project dear to the hearts of all of us involved with the BodyTalk System and BodyTalk Access. We have the great fortune that BodyTalk is accessible to us and offers us such a powerful way of maintaining and promoting our health and wellbeing. This experience finds us committed to making BodyTalk accessible to those of all walks of life, regardless of economic standing.

It is our deep conviction that everyone in the world should have access to high quality healthcare. To this end the IBF invites you to explore both this website and the site; learn more about BodyTalk – energy medicine for the future; and learn how your financial contributions can help in documenting its efficacy and making it accessible to those in need.

It is our dream to have someone in every family worldwide using BodyTalk Access by the year 2025. We invite you to help us in the realization of this dream. As you will see under our contributions page, you have several choices as to how you can further the research and spread of these amazing systems BodyTalk and BodyTalk Access.


John Veltheim